What's in my make up bag? (All the gear and no idea)

Updated: May 11

My most recent obsession has been make up and cosmetics. This has most likely been inspired by the Youtubers and influencers I follow who have brainwashed me into thinking that I need more make up. Whilst I am aware that this is completely unnecessary it did make me realise that I have in fact had the same make up routine and products since first learning to apply make up around 13 - 15yrs old. I have your textbook starter products: Stay Mat, Maybelline ‘Lash Sensation’ mascara, a foundation from Boots I’m not quite sure matches my skin tone and of course everyone’s favourite: The OG Naked palette. Now I know these products are perfectly good, but I thought now was the moment to spend some time and a little bit more money curating a new make up bag now that I am more confident in myself and know the look I want to achieve. And let’s be honest, I’ll no doubt be using these products for the next 10-15yrs!

My first port of call was research-research-research. The make up industry is enormous and incredibly overwhelming with so many different products, promising transformation, containing ingredients you’ve never heard of and can’t even pronounce. It is safe to say that for a make up novice like myself I found it extremely daunting and had no idea where to start. Thankfully with the help of some friends and after watching hours of Youtube reviews I came across some products I really liked, and I even started to enjoy myself - who’d have thought?!

Here are a couple of brands and products that I’ve enjoyed learning about and adding to my make up bag:

Nudestix - a brand set up by a mother and her daughters, focusing on enhancing natural beauty, with quick and easy products designed for the modern woman ‘on the go’. This brand immediately stood out to me. The ‘nude’ stands for the neutral shades of their products and the idea of enhancing your natural beauty - giving you that extra glow or pop that makes you feel confident whilst still being natural. The ‘stix’ reflects the pencil form of each item, which makes it very easy to apply. This brand is all about being real - hell yeah sistaaa I love it.

The products come in a tin with a mirrored lid and are extremely easy and quick to use, with most of the application recommended to be done using your fingers. They are easy to blend - so almost ‘idiot proof’ for those of you like me who are a bit heavy handed and a bit tentative when applying bolder colours. The stix are also multi-functioning, for example the blush can also be used on your lips and / or eyes - this seems revolutionary to me but is something I think is quite common in the beauty world?

Having tested out a few of their products: ‘Nudestix Nudies Matte in Salty Siren’, Magnetic Nude Glimmers’ highlighter and the ‘Magnetic Luminous’ eyeshadow pencil, I am extremely pleased as they delivered on every promise. Easy to use, easy to blend, effortlessly brightening up your complexion. These products are a little on the expensive side (for me personally) but I believe they are worth it for their good quality and long-lasting nature. Plus, they have a wide variety of skin tones. I would definitely recommend!

Kosas - is another ‘clean’ beauty brand that prides itself on creating natural and easy looks with their products. I was immediately drawn to their ’10 Second Liquid Eyeshadow’ that is water-based, fast drying and crease resistant. It comes in 8 different shades, with three different finishes: glitter, shimmer and statin and a mixture of warm and cool tones (Oi Oi look who knows their terminology). The main selling point about this product is the quick and easy application. With a couple of drops on the eyelid the liquid can be easily blended out whilst creating a bright and bold eye that is long lasting. The stick like nature of the product means it’s convenient for travel and doesn’t require faffing about with lots of different brushes.

The next product I tried was the ‘Wet Lip Oil Gloss’ in the shade ‘DIP’. Anyone who knows me I think will agree that wearing any lip product is massively outside my comfort zone as I usually just wear pawpaw cream (although I do love this). Wearing any shade or colour of lipstick or lipgloss does make me feel incredibly self-conscious (I’m sure that is all in my head - most of the time), but I want to try new things and add a little something something to my new make-up routine, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I have to say, although initially I found it a bit odd wearing a colourful lip gloss, I actually really enjoyed this product. It is still relatively natural, just boosting the pinkish colour of your lips and giving it a glossy finish, so it’s not too scary for those who are not used to wearing any lippy! Whilst I wouldn’t wear this every day, I definitely think I’ll be incorporating it into one of my night time looks and would recommend it to anyone wanting to zhuzh it up.


I am very new to the make up world and just sharing my experiences on the products I’ve seen and used, learning what works for me. I will add more reviews or recommendations of products as my ‘make up journey’ (lol) continues.


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