Quarantine Life: Part 1

In true quarantine fashion I have decided that I am now an influencer, blogger, fitness guru, artist and of course a Michelin star chef. My bow has never had so many strings! Like every other millennial out there I have taken it upon myself to narrate my life and share it with the world…or just the few who have bothered to read this. In truth I have actually been meaning to start a blog for some time now, but it has taken six weeks of lockdown and a healthy dosage of procrastination (I’ve got five essays due) to get me going.

Lockdown has been a real rollercoaster of a ride. I’ve found that one minute I’m feeling so restless that I’m voluntarily scrubbing the inside of the bath, hoovering my brother’s room and labelling toiletries. The next minute I’m drunk with friends, on a zoom quiz playing ‘guess the lips’ - screenshots of lips of the boys we’ve all kissed (genius & creepy) - or ordering completely unnecessary items on amazon.

Daily walks have now become a necessity, a little slice of heaven in an otherwise tedious day and a vital way to burn off excess energy and re-focus the mind. It is also a great chance to check out how fellow quarantine-ers are getting on and having a good old natter about life's mundanities. My conversation has dried up severely in lockdown. I have nothing to say. Literally nothing to bring to the table. So this morning was thrilling when my mum excitedly recited tales of her triumphant victory in a game of scrabble over her opponent in America on the app Words With Friends. Her game plan worked perfectly, using time difference to her advantage and striking when America was asleep. You go girl!

I'm sure many of you have noticed a few quarantine trends that have popped up in the past few weeks. So, first things first: a quick quarantine check list.

Have you:

  1. Badly cut a family members hair?

  2. Ordered half of amazon?

  3. Woken up with a hangover after a few too many on a zoom quiz?

  4. Taken up running?

  5. Started yoga?

  6. Started a blog?

  7. Baked banana bread?

  8. Had a family argument/s?

  9. Made a TikTok?

  10. Accidentally waxed half your face off whilst trying to remove your moustache? (or just me...?)

Congratulations if you've successfully completed all ten. Hats off to you indeed.

On a serious note, this has been and still is, an incredibly challenging, testing and tiering time for everyone across the world and those who have been directly affected by COVID-19. A massive thank you to our NHS superheros and frontline workers who have have put themselves at risk and worked tirelessly to keep our country running and care for vulnerable people. Through all this madness it has been astounding to see the growing community spirit and love and support of family and friends. Let's hope that we can take some of this positivity into life as we slowly transition back to normality and that in the future we can do more to help the NHS than clap.

This blog is a fun outlet for me to document my thoughts and feelings during LLLLLOCKDOWN, the 'activities' I get up to and a time to reflect on previous travel experiences. Enjoy! (and if you don't, no need to tell me).

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